Visioning Process at St. Margaret Church


Attached above is Part 2 of the visioning process undertaken by St. Margaret Church congregation. You can click on the italics to bring up the document.  Thomi met with those who could attend coffee after church on January 22 to look at Part 2 of the visioning and look at which dreams could “take legs”and become reality.

A good discussion ensued as unfortunately those in attendance did not have the correct document (they had version 1). The next steps will be for Thomi, and those who met in the last month, to put forward their paired down list so the congregation can look at which dreams they would like to see come to fruition.

A comment  from Charlene Dishaw;  if there are not enough volunteers for more than one dream to come true, that the list be revisited each year to see if there are dreams to follow in another year.

Stay tuned for more work on the dreams and volunteer opportunities in the near future.