Bishop Logan Visit – July 22nd

Celebration of a New Ministry!

Mark your calendars because we have a special event this summer, and one we are all looking forward to very much: the upcoming visit by our Bishop Logan, and our joint parish Rector, Blair Haggart.

They will be on Galiano for a special service, ‘Celebration of a New Ministry‘, formally inducting Reverend Blair Haggart as our joint Parish Rector, and Reverend Thomi Glover as our Associate Priest, at St. Margaret of Scotland Church on Galiano.

Everyone is arriving by boat from Mayne island and there will be a procession from Sturdies Bay to the church.

The ceremony is from 10:30 to 1:30pm on July 22nd, with Bishop Logan presiding, and we will also be celebrating the Saints Days for our twinned parishes of St. Margaret of Scotland, Galiano, and St. Mary Magdalene, Mayne Island.

The reception afterwards will include refreshments, and ice cream, for those with a sweet tooth!

We hope that you will join us.