Celebration of New Ministries

Galiano Mayne Induction.jpg

This great pic shows our Bishop Logan McMenamy (Centre) and his wife Marcia McMenamy (Far Left), flanked by Reverend Blair Haggart, and Reverend Thomi Glover, and Galiano Church Warden’s Ralph Griffiths, and John New.

The group were walking from Sturdies Bay shore to St. Margaret of Scotland Church in honour of the Bishop’s sacred journey through First Nations lands, which the Bishop has been undertaking as part of a Reconciliation and Renewal process throughout our diocese of Islands and Inlets.

After the Journeyers reach the church; we held the Celebration of New Ministries Ceremony confirming Reverend Blair Haggart as Rector of the twin parishes of Mayne Island and Galiano, and and Reverend Thomi Glover as Associate Priest at St. Margaret of Scotland Church.