Aug 27, 2017

While I have been away you have listened to the continuing Genesis saga including the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau and the birth of many sons to Jacob and Rebekah including the dreamer Joseph, his mother's favourite son...funny how these mother son relationships has been a recurring theme in these narratives.  Not surprisingly then just … Continue reading Aug 27, 2017

July 30, 2017

Well this morning we have heard the saga of Jacob's soap opera life continue...Jacob has been on the run from his brother Esau who he tricked out of their father's important blessing. And he has also been sent to find a wife among his mother's family. Now the desert is not exactly a hospitable place … Continue reading July 30, 2017

July 23, 2017

For reasons I do not understand, our Sunday lectionary overlooks a significant piece in the Jacob and Esau narrative that we considered last Sunday...And so I am going to quickly retell the missing chapter. The text says elderly Isaac, going very blind, realized he was going to die soon and so it was important for … Continue reading July 23, 2017

Sunday July 16

Well last Sunday we reflected on the nature of wisdom and where it appears or not in our society and in our lives. This morning we will go back to the Abraham narrative which has been occupying us for several weeks now. At first glance this morning's reading appears to be rather short on wisdom; … Continue reading Sunday July 16