November 19 2017

We have been walking through Matthew's presentation of the teachings of Jesus as they journeyed to Jerusalem and the inevitable outcome of that journey.  Matthew portrays Jesus teaching as they go and the closer they get to the inevitable storm, the teachings, usually in the form of parables, become more and more judgemental. This morning's … Continue reading November 19 2017

Nov 12, 2017

Over the last few Sundays we have been walking through teaching parables and sayings as Matthew positions Jesus and his followers on the journey that will ultimately lead to Jerusalem and the crucifixion. The parables gradually have taken on a more urgent and judgmental tone along with increasing controversy with Jesus' critics usually described as … Continue reading Nov 12, 2017

Visioning Process at St. Margaret Church

priority-visions-st-margaret-visioning-part-2 Attached above is Part 2 of the visioning process undertaken by St. Margaret Church congregation. You can click on the italics to bring up the document.  Thomi met with those who could attend coffee after church on January 22 to look at Part 2 of the visioning and look at which dreams could "take legs"and … Continue reading Visioning Process at St. Margaret Church